How to Mend a Broken Heart
(How to Fall in Love with an APP for Your Business All Over Again)

The rate at which mobile app creation for small businesses has been growing over the last few years has been extraordinary. Along with this growth however, the rate of “Broken Hearts” among many small business owners has been just as extraordinary.
Most of these broken hearts are caused by a lack of emotional connection to what an app really is. You know what I mean. You got overwhelmed with this whole idea of an app because somebody (a sales person), told you how great it would be for your business, and how it is the greatest thing, since the greatest thing, since sliced bread. The part they left out or maybe just forgot to tell you is what really broke your heart. Just like any relationship, your app, along with consumers MUST BE NURTURED. It’s really no mystery as to how these apps let their partners down. Lack of downloads, lack of engagement and of course lack of intimacy when the consumers needed them most.

app downloads and your business

Lack of Excitement = Low Downloads… Let’s start with this one first. Your app is special but nobody knows it but you. Just because you have an app doesn’t mean that everyone will download it. They have to know it exists.
This is where friends and family come in. Over half of all consumers discovered an app through friends and family, while only 27% found an app through a search engine (and even less through a company’s website). Keep in mind, “friends and family” includes social media shares, retweeting, etc. So, when planning on how you are going to let the world know about this new relationship you have (your app), start with those who know you and like you best.

You’re Smothering Me = Too Many Irrelevant Push Notifications

Push notifications are a highly effective way to reach your customer base. They provide an extremely simple, brief, and non-invasive way for your users to digest the information and offers most relevant to them.
Consumers will typically download your app for one of 4 reasons:

  • To stay up-to-speed on a product through notifications (65%)
  • To save time (31%)
  • To use app-exclusive discounts and coupons (24%)
  • To purchase app-exclusive products (21%)
The main takeaway here is don’t be “pushy” always be relevant and most of all think of their time and needs before you push send. I think that would work in any relationship.

Getting Dumped = Uninstalls…

Getting dumped is a big issue in any relationship and the ones between your consumers and your app is just as big. A small business may keep the notifications flowing perfectly, and pack their app full of all the right info yet still see their installs dwindle.
More often than not, uninstalls results from a couple of easily avoidable mistakes.

  • A lack of long-term value – You have got to grow with the relationship.
  • Easy sharing capabilities – Don’t be overly possessive. Make it easy for them to share.
  • Social media integration – Don’t just “dance with the one who brung ya". Apps need to be social.
  • • Share-worthy content – Most importantly make your users proud to be sharing what you have to say.
To sum it all up, as with any relationship…a little thought…a little planning…a little work…and a little understanding makes for happy relationships and many fewer broken hearts. (The ROI isn’t bad either!)

A Gentle Push Never Hurts!

If you want your geo-fencing program to be a success and drive business, always put your customer ahead of yourself.

By now, you’ve probably heard of geo-fencing. You may have even experienced it yourself, but you may have some questions about how it works and more importantly, how can it work for your business.

Let’s start with the basics first. Geo-fencing is the establishing of a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area.

When one of your app users enters the area, you can set your app to push a message to the user, Ergo, the geo-fence allows you to send location specific messages to you fans.

Many businesses use geo-fencing to simply send special offers to customers who either drive or walk by their location. Beyond that however, with a little bit of imagination, lays a ton of possibilities.

geo fencing push notifications

  • A coffee shop could trigger a notification when a fan walks into another coffee shop.
  • A wedding planner could trigger notifications when fans travel into various wedding related venues, and offer helpful tips.
  • A law firm could, send a notification to users when he or she entered a bail bond office. (OUCH!)
  • A Real Estate agent can send a push notification to possible buyers when they are in the vicinity of an open house.
  • A band could send their fans messages when they walk or drive by a venue that they will be performing at soon.
  • A venue could send a push to their patrons of events at their location.

The key to any idea you may have about how push notification and if it will help, is to not bombarding users with messages whenever they go places. That will just convince them to opt out. Instead, think your idea through and always ask yourself…if I were a user would I want this message.